Always Titanic

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I don’t usually do this, but I’d love it if all of you could do me a favour and vote in this poll for Doctor Who!

If you don’t know her already, Rose Tyler is a lot like Rose in Titanic - she thinks she’s trapped, but then she meets a man who shows her so much more, and she takes control of her own destiny. She’s truly amazing and if you haven’t checked out the show, you definitely should!

You can vote more than once and I’d love it if you guys would consider voting :3 

Anonymous sent: What's your favourite deleted scene????? Mine personally is the one where Rose is in her room and tries to remove her dress, calling for Trudy to come and help her, and then she starts screaming! I think this scene is perfect because it shows that not only men get angry and scream at the top of their lungs when they're upset.


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I do really like the “Rose feels trapped” scene you mentioned. Kate Winslet was brilliant in it. I love how you can see the panic building up by the second and how she just rips everything out and throws it across the room. You can really feel her despair and anger. And the final moment when she looks at herself in the mirror, it’s heartbreaking to see the hopelessness in her eyes. I understand why it was deleted but personally I think that small scene would have been a better transition than abruptly cutting from the first class dinner to her running on deck because it gives us a better insight (at that point in the film) of how deep Rose’s depression is.


Their love will go on.Though Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s onscreen romances have always ended in tragedy, the two actors have nothing but love for one another off the set. (Seriously, who wasn’t a blubbering mess at the end of Revolutionary Road?)The British actress had only kind words about DiCaprio during an interview with Winslet at the Divergent premiere this week. When a reporter asked if she preferred Theo James’ Four from the Divergent series over DiCaprio’s Jack character in Titanic, the Oscar winner quickly made her decision, saying that there was absolutely no competition between the leading men."Leo is my love of my life," she told PopSugar. "How could you possibly ask me that question?""If I said Theo over Leo, he would never stay the night at his house ever again. Ever," she continued. "No, he can’t have that."Sorry, Ned Rocknroll. You really can’t deny the OTP.
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I had prettttttttttttty good dreams about him and I last night ;)